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Better Balance

7 Year Old Son with Learning Disabilities and Abdomen/Intestine Issues And Husband with PTSD (Wounded Warrior Veteran) 

My family and I began seeing Dr. Paul in February 2017. He came highly recommended by my father (one of his current patients) and by my Uncle (a fellow chiropractor).
My then 7 year old son is what brought me to Dr. Paul. Caleb had a spine injury when he was 4 years old that damaged his nerves leading to his abdomen and intestines. Without regular adjustments, Caleb suffers excruciating stomach/intestinal pain. After my initial consultation with Dr. Paul, he graciously offered to see not only Caleb, but my whole family, including my husband, a wounded warrior veteran with PTSD. 
Since seeing Dr. Paul, not only has Caleb’s stomach pain not returned, but he has been doing amazing in school. Dr. Paul performs an adjustment call “Upper Cervical.” It is an adjustment in his neck which corrects Vertebral Subluxations (pressure on his spine) in a precise manner to allow Caleb’s body intelligence to mend, repair, and maintain health from within. Before coming to Dr. Paul, Caleb struggled a lot in school. He was classified as “Special Needs” and received a lot of extra help and special classes each year since kindergarten. Now in the 3rd grade, he has been taken out of all his special classes and receives no extra interventions. He is also making better grades then he has ever made before. His teachers, dad, and I are amazed! I know it is all thanks to Dr. Paul and his miracle work.
Dr. Paul also treats my whole family with the Upper Cervical adjustment as well as other various adjustments we may need. We have all noticed a difference in our health and mental clarity. My husband, who suffers PTSD after 6 deployments has been able to manage his anxiety and stress better then ever since seeing Dr. Paul.
Dr. Paul has made a life changing difference in our family! He is a wonderful doctor and he has also become a beloved friend.
Anna R. (12/12/17)

A Grandmother that is now Moving Better and Feeling Better!

Ear Infections Improved (Child)

My daughter was first put on antibiotics at 2 weeks of age for an ear infection. About a month later she was put on an opium derivative for sever colic. At 7 months of age she had surgery to place drainage tubes into her ears. Within 3 months. the tubes have worked themselves out and she, once again, went through surgery to put in a new set of tubes. She continued to have multiple ear infections although she had these tubes. I began bringing her to Dr. Blumsack to try to keep her body as health as possible in an effort to avoid her being on antibiotics once every couple of days. Since she has been under care, she has not been on any antibiotics at all. Her body is beginning to heal itself more readily since she began to get vertebral adjustments from Dr. Blumsack. This course of care has been the best for my daughter. Thank you Paul for your care of this child.     M.L.

Pregnancy and Family Care (Real Estate Agent) 

I originally sought chiropractic care when I was 7 months pregnant. The sciatic pain was so severe my doctor prescribed Tylenol with codeine, and even on dosage, I could still not walk! With 2 other kids at home, I was miserable. At a friend’s insistence, I went to the chiropractor for the first time and was walking without pain the same day.

Throughout the remainder of my pregnancy, I continued treatment with overwhelming results. Following the birth of the baby, the pediatrician diagnosed him with a double ear infection (at only 2 days old). At one week, the pediatrician was discussing surgery for tubes. At this time, I began my child on chiropractic care. He never had an ear infection again. He will be 17 years old next month and has been the healthiest of my 3 kids. The other 2 began chiropractic treatment as elementary aged children and continue care today.

Chiropractic care has continually provided us with better health!  K.P.  

Breathing Improved. (Teenager)

I have been suffering from unstable breathing for 1 1/2 years. I have tried pain relief methods that made my breathing worse. My mother wanted me to try chiropractic so she introduced me to Dr. Blumsack. I began his care plan and now have more strength but best of all I can breathe easily. I now have a positive outlook on my future. Dr. Blumsack definately cares for his patients. He shares with me, not just with my mother what is going on and what needs to be done to take care of my health. Dr. Blumsack is always in good spirits.     M.F.

No Longer Miserable and Not Missing School  (Teenager)

I had been to doctor after doctor and no one could tell me why my left side hurt all the time. I had surgery, called a liver biopsy, which determined I had fatty liver disease. That still did not tell me why I was hurting. I was miserable and could barely go to school, and since it was my senior year in high school I was desperate to try anything. I wanted to enjoy my last year at school. My mom talked to me about going to a chiropractor and I decided to go to Dr. Blumsack. Dr. Blumsack examined me and told me what was going on. I started going to him regularly and ever since I have felt wonderful. Don't get me wrong I have had my bad days, but more better now than bad.    J.G.

Eczema improved.  (Child)

My son has suffered from eczema for over a year. We have tried topical creams and resorted to steroids. After beginning with Dr. Blumsack his eczema has improved dramatically.     A.L.

Enjoying my pregnancy more.  (Stay at home mom)

For many years I had limited neck movement and during my pregnancy I had sciatica. Since starting care with Dr. Blumsack my neck movement has been restored and my sciatica has greatly reduced allowing me to enjoy my pregnancy more.     A.L.

Out of horrific pain. No stress headaches and now bringing her children.  (Finance Manager)

I came to Dr. Blumsack two months ago with horrific pain in my lower spine. My doctor told me that unfortunately God made me that way, gave me flexaril, lortabs and told me to lie on a heating pad. I suffered four more days of agonizing pain and couldn't stand up straight. I'd never tried chiropractic before, but I needed help and found Dr. Paul in the phone book. He began mild adjustments. Within two days I felt some relief. From a pain level of 10 two months ago, I am now down to a 1/2 pain level. I am so grateful to be out of pain and I thank God for directing me to Dr. Blumsack. But that's not all! I am now conscious of my posture, I don't mind drinking water every day now, my appetite has increased and I have gained 6 pounds which is good for me because I am underweight. I have more energy and am not fatigued like I used to be and until he asked about headaches, I didn't realize that I hadn't had a tension or stress headache for over 6 weeks. I have a lot to be grateful for and I've begun bringing my two children, for a few health problems. I believe they will be able to write their own grateful story soon.    G.G.

Lower Back Pain and Neck Problems (Retired Senior)

I originally sought help because I was having lower back pain. I have since had little or no pain after care. 
Also, you helped me with some neck problems.
I am pleased with the care I have received and feel relieved.
I am now able to play pickle ball again.

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (Retired U.S. Army)

Hello, my name is Jose’ and this is my story. I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in 2008, a disease that starves the lungs which in turn makes it very difficult to breath. In 2015, I experienced Acute Kidney Failure which has left me with kidneys that are functioning at 30%. Finally, this year, I was diagnosed with Chronic Systolic Congestive Heart Failure which has resulted in the implanting of a Cardio Defibrillator. 

The reason for sharing my story with you is that since working with Dr. Blumsack, my quality of life has been greatly improved. I feel more energy even with those ailments being present. I feel that for the first time, the power is starting to turn on and staying on consistently. I can exercise more and improving.

Dr. Paul continues to guide me through this life energizing process. I have taken the first steps of a long journey with minimal discomfort. J.R.

Well Being (Retired HR)
I originally went to Dr. Blumsack to accompany my husband, who was seeking consultation on Chiropractic care for his Pulmonary Fibrosis. During our initial meeting and after listening to the benefits of Chiropractic Wellness, I too felt the program would benefit me with my wellness issues.
I found Dr. Blumsack to be very thorough in his evaluation and recommendations for a plan that would meet my specific needs. 
During the past few months, I have noted a great change in my overall wellness. Especially notable was the amount of energy, physical stability, and overall improvement in my physical and mental spirit. I have also noticed the same in my husband, who seems to have a more positive mindset and confidence in how he approaches his illnesses.
Dr. Blumsack’s caring manner, his thoughtful need to provide positive support and his excellent treatment of our needs cannot be sufficiently stressed. Along with his lovely wife and family, they create an environment that is warm and welcoming, as they work to improve each patient’s wellbeing and physical needs. 
Jose’ and I feel fortunate to have Dr. Blumsack and family caring for us. L.R.

Auto, Blood Pressure, Dizziness (Retired Healthcare Worker.)

I have had a couple auto accidents which had left me with several problems. Since I have been seeing Dr. Paul, I have been feeling so much better.

He has helped me with in so many ways….my blood pressure has improved as well as my sciatica and dizziness which I have dealt with since childhood.

Words cannot truly express how grateful I am for Dr. Paul and his expert care!

He is just the BEST!!! L.M.

Low Back Pain (Technology Manager)

I was having severe lower back and neck pain, so much so that I could not stand up straight. 
My wife suggested I give chiropractic a try. I always was under the impression that it was so much hocus pocus. A friend recommended Dr. Blumsack, so I started going and within a week I felt better, I had less pain and able to stand straighter. 

Now I am feeling like I did 20 years ago. A very dramatic improvement! J.L.

High Blood Pressure Lowered and Able to Walk Without Walker or Cane. (Veteran)

After having epidural injections, spinal blocks, traction, physical therapy without help I decided to undergo cervical spinal fusion. When I woke up from the surgery I could not feel my  right side, I had to use a wheel chair and could no longer drive. I underwent another spinal surgery to further decompress my spine but had the same results as the first surgery. I started seeing Dr. Blumsack a few weeks after my second surgery and have seen some significant improvement in my health and quality of life. I am able to drive now, my balance is better, I can do light household chores, my pain medication has been greatly reduced, and my blood pressure has lowered about 30 points. The biggest achievement is I am now able to walk about 30 steps without my walker or can. I owe a great deal to my chiropractic care.      R.N.

Hip Problems, Back Pain and Blood Pressure Improved. (Retired Couple)

My husband has A-Fib, hip problems, diabetes and high blood pressure. I have high blood pressure, diabetes and back problems. My husbands hip and leg's don't ache as much, he walks some without his cane and he is doing things I have not seen him able to do in 2 years. His blood pressure is down as well. My blood pressure is down and my back is a lot better. B.R. & S.R.

Able to ride my horse again. (Mother)

I have asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and lower back pain. I have been on various medications for 5-6 years consuming 4-5 pills per day without not much improvement. Two weeks after beginning care, I only had to use my inhaler once. I am slowly beginning to move my wrists and hands more freely. I have been able to ride my horseback again with no problems or soreness the next day. I have also been able to help my husband separate the calf's from the momma cows with no problems.     S.H.

Best Chiropractor. (General Contractor)

I went to see Dr. Paul after being out of care Chiropractic care for a while. I was impressed by his systematic approach and development of a health plan for my individual needs. Great news it is working, I started out having to see him several times a week constantly needing adjustment, but now I see him every 2 weeks, and I do not always need adjustment, best of all I feel great. I am off medications I was taking for health issues, and my overall quality of life has improved. I highly recommend Dr. Paul.     D.Z.

Able to get a full nights sleep and concentrate again. (Sales Person)

The pain in my right shoulder and upper arm had become so severe I could not sleep at night. The only sleep possible was in a chair for only 20-30 minutes at a time. I could not concentrate on anything at work due to the severe pain. Since I have been coming to Dr. Blumsack I have gradually gotten enough relief that I hardly have any pain during the day. For the first time in over three months I have been able to get a full nights sleep. I have had four straight nights of uninterrupted sleep. PURE BLISS!!!     S.D.

I just feel better overall. (Executive Assistant)

I was not able to sit for long periods of time. My feet used to go to sleep within minutes. I am now able to sleep better, I have more energy and I have come in a couple of times with a sore throat and the next day, it's gone. I just feel better overall.     A.W.

Lumbar pain has decreased and can function normally again. (IT Engineer)

I suffered a debilitating lumbar herniation last November (between L4 and L5). I asked my brother who is a chiropractor in Kansas City, Kansas for a local referral. He recommended his friend Dr. Paul Blumsack, D.C. I began treatment with Dr. Blumsack right away. interestingly, Dr. Blumsack focused primarily on my cervical and atlas misalignments in my neck area. Through Dr. Blumsack's care and moderate exercise over the past 10 months, my lumbar pain has dramatically decreased. I can function normally again. I even enjoy athletic activities like hiking the entire 5+ mile trail around and over Kennesaw Mountain. I had suffered a similar debilitating L4-L5 disc herniation in 2003, for which I was carried by ambulance to Kennestone Hospital, treated with Demerol to mask the pain and released. Thereafter, I used a prescription anti-inflammatory medication called Diclofenac daily to relieve my chronic back pain. Happily, I have been Diclofenac free for the past two months, and feeling better than I used to feel with the medication. Dr. Paul Blumsack is the best chiropractor I have ever known (with the possible exception of my brother), and I have used the services of at least ten in my lifetime. Most chiropractic offices are full of fancy machines and electronics with whistles and bells that do little to substantially improve health. Not Dr. Blumsack. He is deeply faithful to foundational chiropractic principles of care. Dr. Blumsack begins each appointment with a detailed evaluation of my spinal alignment. Then, he only adjusts specific vertebra carefully diagnosed to be in need of adjustment. Virtually every time Dr. Paul has adjusted me, I have noticed immediate improvement. l have experienced improved strength in my arms, reduced neck stiffness, stress relief in my thorax region, and long term pain relief in my lower back. When Dr. Blumsack's detailed evaluation reveals that my spine has maintained alignment since my last adjustment he congratulates me with a smile and announces, "You're clear! The power is on! You don't need an adjustment today." I will continue to faithfully use his services as long as I live anywhere near his office. I give my very highest recommendation to Dr. Paul Blumsack, D.C. and his courteous professional staff.     M.H.

I feel like a new person. (Retired)

I have been seeing Dr. Blumsack for quite a while. I have been feeling so much better. I have been sleeping better, walking better, I just feel like a new person. I can truly say that Dr. Blumsack has brought me from a long way. May God bless you and your beautiful family.     C.H.

Immediate relief from excruciating stomach pain.  (Property Manager)

I came down with extreme pain down the middle of my stomach. I had gone to the medical doctor and they had no clue what was wrong or what was causing it. They ran various tests of which at this writing I still do not have the results. I came to Dr. Blumsack for help where he spent time with me and asked lots of questions to determine the possible causes. After he adjusted me I experienced immediate relief from my pain. The excruciating pain did not return either. He knows what he is doing and he is thorough.    S.S.

My migraines actually got worse before I got better.  (College Student and Mom)

I was diagnosed with migraines about seven years ago. Since that time, I have suffered with these debilitating headaches at least three times each month but sometimes as frequently as two each week. I have been on a variety of medications and been to a variety of specialists for treatment of the migraines. So far there has been nothing that has been able to prevent them and little that treats them once the pain and associated symptoms begin. Still I have the pain and the added side effects of the medications. I was frustrated and angry with the inability of these specialists that didn't make my pain subside.My neurologist wanted me to begin taking an anti-hypertensive medication to drop my blood pressure and hopefully prevent the severity of the migraine. This particular drug has some serious side-effects and I was unwilling to tolerate this. As I left the office I decided that I would not take the newly prescribed medication and went to Paul's office instead. Paul asked what I hoped to gain by seeing a chiropractor. My response was simply, "a reduction in pain." After the first few adjustments, I felt worse than previously. Paul noted my aggravation and encouraged me to stay with it. During the first month of care I only had two migraines. Now I am down to one each month that just wont go away no matter what. We're getting there though. As an added bonus, I am not sick nearly as often and when I do become ill, the symptoms aren't as severe and I heal more quickly. Thanks to the help of Dr. Blumsack, I have gotten the reduction in pain I was seeking. Eventually the pain will be gone altogether.     M.L.

Simplest Adjustments.  (Retired)

I have been under chiropractic care for over thirty years. I have also worked for three different doctors of chiropractic. From my experiences being under chiropractic care, I know that whenever I am suffering from pain or maybe an illness, I go to the chiropractor first to make sure my body is in alignment and my nervous system is working properly before I go to the medical doctor. I go before the medical doctor gives me pills to treat the symptom-not solve the problem.Dr. Blumsack does the simplest adjustments I have ever had in all these years. I just had my first experience of going for an adjustment on my scheduled appointment and Dr. Blumsack checked me and I was balanced and holding my adjustment. I am doing better than I have done in all my years. What a wonderful way to retire and have Dr. Blumsack to help me stay healthy and active. May God continue to bless Dr. Blumsack, his family, staff and all his patients.    E.S.

No more arm numbness.  (Business Owner)

I had neck stiffness and numbness in my right arm for several years. Since I have been under Dr. Blumsack's care my neck has become more flexible and my range of motion has increased. My arm is no longer numb. They take care of you like family.     D.H.

No longer discouraged. (Retired)

As a 62 year old with chronic, sometimes debilitating back pain, I finally consented to undergo evaluation and care with Dr. Blumsack. Since I choose not to take medication, I hoped that help would come through chiropractic. For many years I had limited motion in my neck and episodes of pain. For eight years my thumb, index and middle finger have been mostly insensitive and numb, but since care there is more of a feeling in the hand (as Dr. Blumsack suggested there might be). As an added benefit, I rarely have pain in my left knee, which was injured three years ago. This has only been the case since I started chiropractic care. I am very happy to report that my neck and back symptoms have improved so much in the last two months that I can drive a car and not have the reminders of back pain. I was very discouraged waking up every morning with that familiar twinge that turned into a major discomfort during the day and forced me to curtail routine household chores. Sounds crazy, but cleaning is like therapy for me, and I feel more energetic and much more willing to tackle a job or take a long walk. I believe the key to my continued progress is in following the guidelines for my care-and celebrating the successes that seemed so elusive only a short time ago.    R.Y.

I feel like a different person as my Fibromyalgia has improved. (Retired)

I praise the Lord for the many blessings he has bestowed upon me. I praise him for the knowledge and touch He has given Dr. Paul. My husband has been coming to Dr. Paul for his lower back and I would just come along. Dr. Paul could tell I was in a lot of pain and it was hard for me to get around. He told my husband he felt like he could help me. I could not raise my left arm or get up and down without help. I was not able to do my housework, cook or grocery shop. I stayed at home most of the time. The pain was only getting worse. About three years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis and then about 1-1/2 years I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I had consulted medical doctors, rheumatologists, and orthopedists. I was constantly taking something for the pain or having therapy. I consented with Dr. Paul to give me adjustments. After about three adjustments, I was able to raise my arm above my head and get up and down without help. Now after ten visits, I can grocery shop, houseclean, move my head with ease, sleep better and do some cooking. I helped cook Easter dinner for my family and baked a cake for the first time in about four years. I now feel like a different person. My daughter has told me I even look different and not sad looking anymore. Praise the Lord for this blessing and for Blumsack Family Chiropractic.     D.K.