About Dr. Blumsack

Hello! My name is Dr. Paul Blumsack and welcome to my office. If a friend or family member referred you to me, you may have heard that my goal is to create a unique health and wellness experience for you and your family. I am passionate about helping families achieve their ultimate health potential. Why am I so passionate? Let me tell you a little bit about myself so you can understand what inspires me.

When I was 4 years old my feet were turned outward so I wore a harness attached to leg braces and locked into my shoes. The braces were supposed to straighten my hips. They hurt and made it hard to walk. I fought with my mother about wearing them. The worst part was wearing the braces at nursery school because my classmates made fun of me. It was horrible. I also suffered from asthma and allergies. So, did my brothers. Every week for years we went to the Asthma/Allergy doctor for painful allergy shots.  My younger brother suffered the worst from his asthma and allergies. He was allergic to everything. His skin was covered by eczema sores and his asthma attacks were so violent that you could see his chest heave in and out as he gasped to breathe. My parents were always taking my brother to the doctor, the emergency room, or visiting him when he was hospitalized after extremely severe attacks. My older brother and I outgrew our problems but not my younger brother. My parents tried everything including sending my brother to an asthma hospital in Denver, Colorado. He was 10 years old when he left Boston for Denver. He was gone an entire year. While in the Denver hospital he was taught to “manage” his symptoms by administering his own adrenaline shots and nebulizer treatments. His ongoing illness created severe amounts of mental and financial stress for my parents to the point that my mother suffered from depression and my father was forced to work all the time to pay the huge medical bills. My father was not around very often. I eventually joined the Air Force and served overseas. 

I experienced chiropractic care after I was Honorably Discharged from the Air Force. It was at the chiropractor’s office I learned about a natural way to get and stay healthy. I was so excited about what I learned that I got my wife and 2 ½ year old daughter under care. My sickly wife’s health improved and our daughter’s chronic ear infections went away. It was because of these great results that I became a chiropractor. 

Several years after I became a Chiropractor, a nurse came into our office with low back pain. She hurt herself lifting a patient. While under care, she noticed that we saw many children in our practice and asked if they all had back pain? We told her that none of the children had back problems and their parents brought them in for help with health issues such as ear infections and many of the children were there for wellness care. She mentioned that her daughter was asthmatic and suffered from allergies, that she was always in the emergency room and wasn’t getting any better and she couldn’t participate in recreational activities. I could hear the frustration in this nurse’s voice and I could see the expression of hopelessness in her eyes. I immediately flashed back to when I was a child remembering seeing that same expression in my mom’s eyes many years before. I explained to this nurse that there were natural ways to help her daughter. She perked up with a glimmer of hope and immediately scheduled an appointment for her daughter. She started bringing her daughter in for adjustments never missing any of her appointments. Over time she had less asthma attacks and visits to the hospital and eventually she stopped having any problems at all. Her daughter regained her health and could be just like the rest of the kids in school. She eventually became a cheerleader.    

While I was the doctor in this setting, I believe both the little girl and her mother are the heroes of this story. The mother, because she believed someone else could help instead of conceding to “just live with” her daughter’s condition and seek out someone who is truly committed to helping the people others have given up on. The little girl is a hero because she lead her younger sister and father to Chiropractic care allowing them to live out their full health potential! My only sadness is that I wish someone had told my parents about chiropractic care so they could have helped my younger brother.

As your Chiropractor, my commitment level is high because of what I previously shared. Nothing satisfies me more than seeing true health expressed in people, especially those with little hope because they were told it is not possible for them. I believe that all life is sacred. There is no hole, no circumstance too deep for someone to climb out of. It is my privilege and honor each time I witness a person reclaim their freedom when health is awakened within them. I welcome the opportunity to work with anyone who wants help.

Consider this your invitation. Heroes do not give up on themselves or children and many of us feel like an outsider or perhaps feel like we slipped through the cracks. At this office, everyone is recognized and appreciated for their uniqueness because here there are no outsiders, only family members. Thank you for the opportunity to help you and your family. I look forward to warmly welcoming you into mine.

Dr. Blumsack's Present and Past Community Involvement

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Member http://icpa4kids.org/

Past Board of Director Georgia Council of Chiropractic- www.georgiachiropractic.org

Life University Assistant Professor http://www.life.edu

International Chiropractors Association Member http://www.chiropractic.org

VetBuds-West Cobb http://www.vetbuds.us

St. Joseph's Catholic Church Annual Community Health Fair

Kiwanis Club-Treasurer

High School Rugby Coach 

Youth Soccer Coach

Boys and Girls Club Basketball Coach

Team Chiropractor-High School Football and Rugby


Most Influential Faculty Clinician March 2018 Graduating Class-Life University

Chiropractor of the Year-Georgia Council of Chiropractic

Presidential Award-Georgia Council of Chiropractic

Beacon of Light Award-Georgia Council of Chiropractic

Steward of Light Award-Georgia Council of Chiropractic

Air Force Achievement Medal

Air Force Longevity Award

Air Force Overseas Long Tour

Air Force Good Conduct Medal

Air Force Master Technician Badge

Air Force Journeyman Technician Badge


  • Life University Doctor of Chiropractic D.C. 1994
  • Excelsior College Bachelor of Science
  • University of Lowell
  • Mass Bay Community College
  • Bunker Hill Community College
  • Community College of the United States Air Force

About Paula Blumsack

Paula is the most amazing person I know. Paula helps keep me in line (no pun intended) as she runs the practice while I care for the patients. She has a 40 year background in customer service. Paula performs most of the chiropractic evaluations and examinations including taking x-rays. She has lived the chiropractic lifestyle for almost 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge on how she raised 5 healthy children without the use of medications. Her 32 years of parental experience helps make the difference for the moms and dads who are seeking chiropractic care for their family. Paula is currently studying to be a certified nutritional counselor and is already certified in Applied Nutritional Analysis. Paula also loves dogs especially Gracie and Samson. 
Paula's beautiful smile will brighten anyone's bad day.