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We choose to use very specific chiropractic techniques that require pre and post adjustment evaluation to determine if the subluxation has been reduced and an actual adjustment has been made. This allows you to get the longest lasting results.

Dr. Blumsack utilizes these techniques in his practice;  Upper Cervical, Tonal, Activator, Thompson table assisted adjustments, Full Spine Technique, Pediatrics and Webster Technique (Certified)

How does this benefit you? Because every technique we use requires a pre and post adjustment evaluation to determine if an actual adjustment has been made. We check our patients to know when to adjust and when not to adjust. Ultimately, we want you to be able to hold your adjustment as long as possible.


Dynamic Upper Cervical Analysis to Determine Upper Cervical Misalignment

Infrared Thermography to Measure Nerve System Interference

Stress Response Testing Using HeartMath HRV Technology

Computerized Digital Postural Analysis to Determine Brain Body Balance

X-Rays to Determine Subluxation Degeneration