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Chiropractor Marietta GA Paul Blumsak


Paul Blumsack D.C.

If a friend or family member referred you to our practice, you may have heard that our goal is to change the health of our West Cobb Community (Marietta, Kennesaw, Powder Springs, and Acworth), especially the families. 

The reason I am so passionate about helping families is that I grew up in a sickly household (chronic ear infections, severe asthma, severe allergies, migraine headaches, and depression).

No one told my mother that chiropractic care could help someone beyond just pain. I wish my parents had known about chiropractic care and how it can help with performance, prevention and recovery especially when I was playing little league baseball, high school football, and high school rugby.

The great news is that our 5 children never grew up with the same problems that I did and I owe it all to consistent chiropractic care during their entire childhood.

Our practice has helped colicky babies, autistic children, stressed-out teenagers, asthmatics, veterans with PTSD, injured athletes, difficult pregnancies, conception issues, and many other health problems. The difference is that we focused on the individual and not the problem.


Past Community Involvement

  • St. Joseph's Catholic Church Annual Community Health Fair
  • Kiwanis Club-Treasurer
  • High School Rugby Coach
  • Youth Soccer Coach 
  • Boys and Girls Club Basketball Coach
  • Team Chiropractor-High School Football and Rugby


  • Chiropractor of the Year-Georgia Council of Chiropractic 2016
  • Most Influential Faculty Clinician March 2018 Graduating Class-Life University
  • Presidential Award-Georgia Council of Chiropractic
  • Beacon of Light Award-Georgia Council of Chiropractic
  • Steward of Light Award-Georgia Council of Chiropractic
  • Air Force Achievement Medal
  • Air Force Good Conduct Medal
  • Non-Commissioned Officer
  • Air Force Longevity Award
  • Air Force Overseas Long Tour
  • Air Force Master Technician
  • Air Force Journeyman Technician
Chiropractic Marietta GA Paula Blumsak

Office Manager

Paula Blumsack

Paula is the most amazing person I know. Paula helps keep me in line (no pun intended) as she runs the practice while I care for the patients. She has a 40 year background in customer service.
Paula performs most of the chiropractic evaluations and examinations including taking x-rays. She has lived the chiropractic lifestyle for over 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge on how she raised 5 healthy children without the use of medications.
Her 32 years of parental experience help make a difference for the moms and dads who are seeking chiropractic care for their families. Paula is currently studying to be a certified nutritional counselor and is already certified in Applied Nutritional Analysis. Paula also loves dogs, especially Gracie and Samson.
Paula's beautiful smile will brighten anyone's bad day.

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